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Telling Tales. Towards Antifascist Futures
Shayma Nader A memory out of place


Shayma Nader A memory out of place

writing workshop
SA 23.03 14:00 - 17:00

Explore a memory awakened by senses and imagine an alternative future.

Through individual and collective speculative writing, participants are invited to think of remembrance and narration as changing and positional; formative and forming; as border crossing. In this writing workshop, researcher and artist Shayma Nader invites you to recall a memory awakened by a sense. A memory that has become out of place. Linking back to the elements, to sounds, smells, sun rays that are no longer here, the exercise aims to conjure a future that could have happened, for better or for worse.

After the workshop, participants are invited to gather in the café for something warm and light to eat and drink.


Shayma Nader is an artist, curator and researcher from Palestine. Her research-led practice is concerned with anticolonial, antidisciplinary and land-centred imaginaries and practices.  She is currently a PhD candidate in artistic research at ARIA at Sint Lucas School of Arts (KdG) and University of Antwerp.