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Telling Tales. Towards Antifascist Futures
Costanza Spina Utopies et douceur radicale : réagir face au fascisme


Costanza Spina Utopies et douceur radicale : réagir face au fascisme

TH 21.03 19:00

Delve into inclusive, violence-free queer spaces grounded in radical gentleness.

This lecture will be moderated by Talu.

Fascism is a collective dependence on violence and injustice. At a time when extreme right-wing ideologies are shaping the contemporary Western world, how can we escape this worldview within our queer communities? How can we imagine genuinely inclusive spaces that break free from validism and the rules of normative capital?  While fascist capitalism is characterised by the absence of dreams, utopia is an act of practical revolt. By rejecting violence in all areas of our lives, we can imagine welcoming spaces that convey an idea of queerness based on the practice of radical gentleness.

Costanza Spina is a journalist who founded the independent queer media Manifesto XXI some ten years ago. Growing up in Italy, they decided to leave at the age of 17 to escape the conservatism of the right-wing regime. In France, Costanza Spina attended Sciences Po Rennes and began researching LGBTQIA+ media and activist journalism. Since 2019, they have been exploring the political and social power of queer love. The question of how to organise ourselves against the rise of the extreme right and how to infuse the media with a queer and intersectional approach is at the heart of this research. 'Manifeste pour une démocratie déviante - Amours queers face au fascisme' (Manifesto for a deviant democracy - Queer love in the face of fascism) is their first book.


Talu is a French artistx based in Brussels, where they perform with the company Maison Ravage. They're also an autotuned crooner, a member of the self-help and music collective Gender Panik, and an accomplice in various forms of collective organisation and resistance against a crappy-world-order.


Join the 'Table ronde autour des pédagogies radicales' afterwards at 20:30 >>>


image | Zoé Chauvet