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Telling Tales. Towards Antifascist Futures
Storytelling Night w/ Mlondiwethu Dubazane, Lucile Saada Choquet & Panamby

performance music

Storytelling Night w/ Mlondiwethu Dubazane, Lucile Saada Choquet & Panamby

sound performance
FR 22.03 20:00

An exercise of deep listening, connecting and being with each other’s complexities and ancestral lineages. 


20:00 Mlondiwethu Dubazane


Mlondiwethu Dubazane, intone

sound performance, duration 45 minutes, golden space

into the tone world, musics stemming from the multiplication of one,
into the tone world,
spontaneous spirit musics and organisation of sounds –
unraveling to this brilliant mystery,
with a rise and fall of the voice,
an elevated devotion,
to a feeling of passion.
woke up and prayed for strength.
tides are pulling,
an opening.

sound stream of inspiration, sound stream of light, sound stream of living and life, sound
stream of immersive emoting, sound stream in the space behind our eyes, the sound of life.
sound stream of the soundless sounding, sound stream of listening, sound streams of the
heart, inspire a movement of energy in our surrounds.


With his performance, Mlondiwethu invites us to intone, to explore intonations and to inhabit the moment through the poetics of sound. A proposal to actively hear and listen in restful awareness, while connecting with the bodies and stories that share the same sonic space. 


Mlondiwethu Dubazane is a South African creative sound-maker, spontaneous spirit-music practitioner and performer. His sonic vision aims to cultivate a sensitivity toward the unveiling of the heart in sound and in practice. Every day, Mlondiwethu, listens to the space behind the eyes, behind the guts, behind the pelvis, behind the heart. He considers his music to be an offering toward the inspiration that thrums within us all. Recently, Mlondiwethu shared a new piece of music titled ‘for what occurs at the depth of experience’, available on all streaming platforms.


Lucile Saada Choquet, La Station SAADA, a place for listening and cross-reading

performance / reading, duration 45 minutes, in French, beurscafé

As a child, I read out of duty. Then, as a young adult, the practice of reading - that moment when you feel as if the words were written for you - came as a surprise, repairing deep wounds. The shame of being black was gradually transformed into pride, inexplicable anger became legitimate and, above all, a horizon of dreams opened up for me, or rather I understood that I could act on reality. I needed to have a body, to stop making it die, and to connect with other people who, like me, shared the experience of violence. I hereby invite you to join my imaginary conversation between Frantz Fanon and Elsa Dorlin. Two thinkers who continually inspire my practice as a performer and director. Can we collectively listen to non-narrative thought in 2024? We'll be discussing decolonisation, self-defence and poetic and political resistance.


Lucile Saada Choquet (she/adopted - FR) is a decolonial artist based in Brussels. She studied performing arts in Normandy and trained as an actress at Arts²/Ecole Supérieure des Arts (Belgium). With an artistic background steeped in a racist, Eurocentric culture, she questions her own artistic language by experimenting with decolonial practices in each of her artistic acts. As an 'artivist' concerned with traces, her scenic devices subvert acting, dramaturgy, performance and installation to stage political bodies. She places her first production, 'Jusque dans nos lits' in the context of collective reparation for colonial trauma, making radical artistic choices around representations of gender, race and class. Since 2021, Lucile Saada has been a member of the Collectif Associé of the Théâtre Le Rideau (Brussels). She is also a partner artist of the Théâtre Varia (Brussels) and an associate artist of theThéâtre de Liège for the period 2024-2028. She is currently conducting an artistic investigation into transracial and transnational adoption as part of the European Future Laboratory programme. Her work has won her the Jo Dekmine Prize 2022 and the Maeterlinck Prize for 'Best Discovery' in the 2022-2023 season for 'Jusque dans nos lits'.


Panamby, ABISSAL

sound performance, duration 50 minutes, golden space

It was in the slow traffic of giving birth and digesting grief that I began to wash with many waters. There were baths in the sea, the river, a basin, using gourds, buckets, rain and herbs. ABISSAL’sdeep tongues of water reflect the firmament, a song celebrating  souls.

A sonic apparition to establish a dialogue with processes of mass care and mourning. From the great kalunga, the endless abyss of the sea, capturing black bodies during human trafficking, enraptured by escape and exile, to the deep, black abyss of the sky, the home of bodies and movements that make up  our diffuse, mysterious ancestry. A configuration of liquid darkness, blackout, voices carving labyrinths through time, disorienting perspectives, summoning blurred vision, becoming a dense space swelling with the symbiosis of impossible creatures. Penumbra offered to the eyes, a sonic plunge through images revealed by the body’s ears. Omi, Emi, Ori. Water, breath and a bioluminescent head. Bones, fossils, ancestors buried in the ocean. Resound their voices. Hear their disarming call with me.Panamby is an artist, uneducator, and PaMa (non-binary parent), Master and Doctor of Arts. His practice is dedicated to research and creation around psychophysical limits linked to practices of body modification, sound, matter and dream practices in ritual experiences, apparitions, figures, and visions. He continues to follow healing paths, moving through territories (SP/RJ/MA). He started to generate sounds as a dark poetic practice, instigated by the processes of pregnancy and childbirth, as an attempt to touch the invisible, evoke and communicate in other languages. Awarded the Amina Paula Barros visual arts prize (2020, Maranhão/BR) and the Tomie Ohtake Arts Prize (2022, São Paulo/BR), he has participated in residencies and festivals such as LabSonora (Manaus/AM), Sonido (Belém/PA), Novas Frequências (Rio de Janeiro/RJ), The Listening Affect (Porto/PT), MIT-SP (SãoPaulo/SP), Santiago A Mil (Santiago/CL) and Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (Prague/CZ).




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