Warm people Inc Intergalactic Gary b2b Pasiphae + Ylia (live) + Hiele (live) + Kong


Warm people Inc Intergalactic Gary b2b Pasiphae + Ylia (live) + Hiele (live) + Kong

concert dj set
SA 19.01.2019 21:00

Two DJs and two live sets to keep you warm all night long.

Warm People Inc. are all about creating a warm feeling of connection and openness. These local and international high priest(esse)s of the night club join together to create a safe space for unbridled partying with their fearlessly experimental electronica. And all within hours your mother would be hard-pushed to disapprove of. The service begins at 9pm and the plug will be pulled at 3am, allowing just enough time to dance yourself silly and leave with a big smile on your face!

Kong is one of our country’s original ambassadors of pure house. Together with Gratts, this industrious tastemaker runs the ‘ensemble’ club nights, blog and label, through which he has rocket-launched records by San Soda, Juliano and Aksak Maboul (among many others!) into the world at large. He’s knee-deep in the house scene in Belgium, Europe, and the whole of Planet Earth. He’s played sets from Germany to China. And tonight in Brussels it’s Kong who will be kicking off the evening.

Ylia has been DJing since 1999! She started out at a Spanish radio station and has since DJ’ed at countless raves, clubs, festivals and residencies. She’s also got a degree in classical piano under her belt – who’d have guessed? She’s completely at home in a range of genres from experimental ambient to in-your-face dance music. Ylia’s currently working on her solo debut under the name ‘Terrence’. Tonight she’s playing a live set.

Roman Hiele is a Belgian electronic composer with a background in classical music and jazz improvisation. Departing from this unique springboard of influences, his is a sound that intentionally colours outside the lines. Hiele has already released music on labels such as Ekster, Ultra Eczema and YYAA. In the world of experimental electro he’s seen as one of Belgium’s best-kept secrets. High time, then, for us to discover him with our own ears! Tonight Hiele will play a live set.

Pasiphae grew up in Greece and now lives in the Netherlands. With her curiosity, openness and drive for experimentation, she’s making a name for herself as a rising young talent in the techno scene. She keeps the dancefloor oh so fresh with a deliciously groovy mix of Chicago house, electro and a peppering of Italo. Tonight she’ll be going back to back with Intergalactic Gary.

Intergalactic Gary is a fixture of the Hague scene who has amassed an unshakeable reputation as an artisan of the turntables. The techno geeks among us will already know that in 2003, together with I-F as The Parallax Corporation, he released the (pretty much legendary) album Cocadisco and, with that, wrote an important chapter of Dutch techno history. These days he’s still delivering versatile sets that are alive with the sound of his magic mixing skills. Tonight he’ll go back to back with Pasiphae.

21:00 - 23:00 Kong (dj set) (Ensemble - BE)
23:00 - 00:00 Ylia (live) (Animah Records - ES)
00:00 - 01:00 Hiele (live) (Ekster - BE)
01:00 - 03:00 Intergalactic Gary b2b Pasiphae (dj set) (Bio Rhythm - NL)