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Come Together
Kassys - Total Eclipse of the Heart


Kassys - Total Eclipse of the Heart

SA 17.09.2016 20:30

A small performance about great emotions. A celebration of recognition and a nostalgic feel-good evening with quotes from pop songs.

The Dutch theatrical ensemble Kassys was an initiative of Liesbeth Gritter and Mette van der Sijs. Total Eclipse of the Heart – as the title suggests – is about great emotions. Each word spoken by the actors is from a Top 2000 pop song, from Lou Reed to U2, from Abba to The Simple Minds!

The sentimentality and pathos that we consider essential in heartbreaking songs is in sharp contrast to real life, where we often keep our deepest feelings hidden from the outside world. 
In this performance, we see four men and a dog, who are fed up. They are fed up with having to keep themselves under control, staying positive and ‘putting your shoulder to the wheel’.

Nourished by the force of the music, they confess feelings that had long not seen the light of day. Long live pop music and big words!

Kassys (NL)
EN spoken

Concept and direction: Liesbeth Gritter Actors: Vincent Brons, Harm van Geel, Gerardjan Rijnders, Peter Vandenbempt and a dog. Director's assistant: Thijs Bloothoofd Light design: Gé Wegman Technique: Adriaan Beukema Coproduction: Vooruit Gent, Culturgest Lisbon and the Oerol Theater Festival, Terschelling. With the support of: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds 21 and VSBfonds.