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Come Together
Ula Sickle - Looping the Loop & Atomic 5.1


Ula Sickle - Looping the Loop & Atomic 5.1

video installation
SA 17.09.2016 19:00

Looping the Loop

Dinozord is a young hip-hop dancer from Kinshasa. In Looping the Loop, he goes in search of the roots of this trans-historical and transnational dance form. He begins with traditional African dance forms and ends up somewhere between the dance entertainment of Broadway and Hollywood and MTV.

Dinozord dances his way through history in a single, ongoing movement. The music he is dancing to, barely audible to the audience through his headphones, is replaced by the sounds of his breath, footsteps and movements.

Atomic 5.1

Atomic 5.1 is the first of a series of short performances about the interaction between light and performer. This short video is based on the setup and choreographic material of a live performance, and is adapted to the rhythm of five stroboscopic lights, which illuminate the scene and change as the performer moves or stands still.

The sound heard by the audience is derived from the light sources. Artist Yann Leguay was responsible for the sound score and Austrian dancer Franziska Aigner is the performer.

Looping the Loop - Video installation, 7’ loop
In collaboration with: Dinozord & Petna Ndaliko Katondolo
Concept: Ula Sickle (CA/PL)
Sound concept & design: Yann Leguay
Production: Le Fresnoy

Atomic 5.1 - Video installation, 10’ Choreography & Light programmation: Ula Sickle (CA/PL)
Performance: Franziska Aigner
Sound concept, recording & mix: Yann Leguay
Production: Le Fresnoy

at Cultuurcentrum Westrand
Kamerijklaan 46
1700 Dilbeek