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SupAfly Collective & LeFtO


SupAfly Collective & LeFtO

SA 17.09.2016 23:50

SupAfly Collective

With 4 DJs, a singer/host and a visual artist, SupAfly Collective is a unique team of women hailing from Ghent and Brussels (Belgium). With each their own cultural and musical background, personal style and technical skills, the collective unites its passion for hiphop music in all its diversity.

Dj’s Vaneeshua, Young Mocro, Fatoosan and MikiGold make now the only female hiphop dj-crew in Belgium. They love to share their musical background and will make you dance on other genres too.


LeFtO is one of Europe’s most eclectic and pioneering DJs. His connections with renowned international DJs, musicians and club promotors have helped him expand his outstanding reputation with DJ sets from Kazachstan to Bali and Los Angeles.

with FRIS

at Cultuurcentrum Westrand
Kamerijklaan 46
1700 Dilbeek