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Come Together
Myriam Van Imschoot HELfel


Myriam Van Imschoot HELfel

concert performance
SA 17.09.2016 21:40

HELfel is an ode to the power of the voice. Based on cries of joy, a group of women from various strata of Brussels society let themselves be heard as a collective. What unites them is their 'license to trill'.

HELfel is based on what is called zaghareed in Arabic, and which can be heard at major events and celebrations all over the world – in the Basque country, the Middle East, North and sub-Saharan Africa and indeed, here in Belgium. This trilling sound is a continuous high note that is modulated by the throat or tongue, as an expression of powerful emotion.

In HELfel, something that has long existed in the margins of society but has too often remained unheard comes to the surface. This sound performance is an indisputable tour de force!