Dearest contemporaries,

Everybody knows, it seems. We are surrounded by knowledge: every day we inhale new knowledge and, directly or indirectly, help to create it. But what do we know and why? What is kept out, disqualified or never listened to?

Knowledges of different kinds. That's what we're going to talk about in 2020. The ongoing patterns within knowledge regimes make it (urgently!) necessary to scrutinise knowing as a phenomenon, to question our hunger for ‘reliable knowledge’, to look beyond what we are so sure of and to embrace the unloved unknown. Can we know better? Can we know together? Will unlearning what we know allow us to know more? Please, let me know!

Let’s challenge the coloniality of power, break away from the dominance of Western knowledge and open ourselves up to all the different knowledges out there – knowledges across continents, underserved knowledges, embodied knowledges, artistic epistemologies, situated knowledges, marginalised positions ... Let’s get out of our knowledge bubbles to encounter new ways of getting together.

And here it is: our spring programme, bursting with performance, film, music and an exhibition! We’re reaching out to unknown hands, meeting old friends on new islands and dancing together through space and time. You, anyone and everyone are all welcome to come listen and chatter with us, to learn and collectively think out loud.

Let me know,




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