Out Loud
Equiknoxx ft Gavsborg, Time Cow & Shanique Marie


Equiknoxx ft Gavsborg, Time Cow & Shanique Marie


TH 16.06.2022 22:00

Avant-garde collective that challenges all the rules of dub & dancehall.

17:00 rooftop bar open
21:00 Shaka Shams (cancelled)
22:00 Equiknoxx ft Gavsborg, Time Cow & Shanique Marie
23:00 ZoZ dj-set (> 01:00)

The music of Jamaican collective Equiknoxx is a portal: To the experimental future of dancehall and dub music, to the landscape, culture and energy in and around Kingston; to a kind of intangible, universal, spontaneous connection between heads, hearts and voices. During the equinox, day and night are exactly the same length - a serene moment of balance. This avant-garde collective works together in the same, naturally balanced way, while sounding anything but serene or familiar: high-tempo reggae, bird samples, adrenaline riddims, unsavory hip hop, glitchy bass and eccentric dancehall dubs. With their unique and ever-evolving sound, they've had a monthly NTS radio show since 2017 (!), and have already made remixes for indie stars like Thom Yorke and Arcade Fire. Tonight, co-founder Gavin 'Gavsborg' Blair, producer Jordan 'Time Cow' Chung and unforgettable vocalist Shanique Marie are on hand to predict your musical future for one summer at least.