Out Loud



dj set
TH 16.06.2022 23:00

Zoz is Weird Dust and Sagat collaborating on new magic.

17:00 rooftop bar open
21:00 Shaka Shams 
22:00 Equiknoxx ft Gavsborg, Time Cow & Shanique Marie
23:00 ZoZ dj-set (> 01:00)

Weird Dust is Mike Crabbé, a Brussels-based artist that makes heavy electronic psych music. He brews up his signature mix of funky analogue synths and otherworldly stoner vibes. This sonic astronaut has played many unforgettable sets with the Crevette Records crew, including at Red Light Radio Amsterdam.

Sagat is an electronic music producer from Brussels, Belgium and co-founder/part of Bepotel Records. He’s released on labels such as Vlek Records and BXL Recordings. The sonic world Sagat conjures up moves the listener into forever unexpected syncopations and melodic elements that seem to tell the story of human flesh being fused with fiber optics.


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