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Out Loud




TH 02.06.2022 22:00

Razor-sharp sample percussion disguised as reptilian brain chaos.

17:00 Rooftop bar open
21:00 The Zangles 
22:00 NAH
23:00 Céline Gillain dj-set (> 01:00)

NAH is a percussionist who manipulates, transforms and catapults sounds straight to the core of your instinctive, animal brain(dance). With razor-sharp precision disguised as pure chaos, he creates a glorious artistic bacchanal on stage. NAH hails from Philadelphia but has been rocking the Brussels/Belgium/European underground for several years now with his unique synthesis of mutated samples, noise textures and genre-shattering rhythms that go from hip-hop to punk and back again. Besides his own musical output, he regularly features in collabs with artists such as Charlotte Adigéry, Iggor Cavalera, Moor Mother and maaaaany more.