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Out Loud
Vitja Pauwels


Vitja Pauwels


FR 03.06.2022 21:00

This electronic guitarist takes us on an introspective alien safari. 

17:00 Rooftop bar open 
21:00 Vitja Pauwels 
22:00 Echoes of Zoo 
23:00 Susobrino (> 01:00) DJ-set

A Brussels-based musician, Vitja has been playing guitar since he was five, perhaps familiar to you as the frontman of Bombataz. As a solo act, Vitja plays electric guitar with a palette of electronic effects. You should probably grab your comfy clothes - astronaut suit, pajamas, and the like - for this introspective alien safari. After his first solo album Day At Half Speed in 2019, a follow-up is planned for the end of this year on record label W.E.R.F. Besides his solo work, he's on active guitar duty for artists such as Naima Joris, Teun Verbruggen, Lara Rosseel Quintet,
and Warm Bad.