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Saràh Phenom [cancelled]


Saràh Phenom [cancelled]

SA 25.06.2022 22:00 cancelled

Contemporary blend of pop, R&B, hip-hop and soul with a high storytelling degree.

17:00 beurscafé open
21:00 NISHIMIYE (cancelled)
22:00 Sarah Phenom (cancelled)
23:00 Shoko Igarashi  
00:00 Vieze Meisje 
01:00 Lengelhair DJ set
03:00 Marouchka DJ set (> 05:00) 

As a child, she had a reputation for always saying what she thought straight up, which earned her the nickname "phenomène Sarah." As an artist, Sarah Phenom puts the same assertive honesty into her songs. They sound like a contemporary blend of pop, R&B and hip-hop with lots of soulful vibes. While we still have to wait a while for her debut EP, she has released a series of 3 live tracks, titled Phenom Heartbreak Tales. The high aesthetic and storytelling degree of the project suggests that a Sarah Phenom live performance might not be a story to miss.