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Out Loud
Apulati Bien


Apulati Bien

dj set
TH 09.06.2022 23:00

Bare beatz and creepy atmospherix para bailar.

17:00 rooftop bar open 
21:00 Alto Fuero 
22:00 Pelada
23:00 Apulati Bien dj-set (> 01:00)

Nocturnal sound-alchemist Apulati Bien is typically referred to as Baptiste Outreglot during the day. You can regularly find this multidisciplinary artist in the KRAAK multiverse, next to Vica Pacheco or at the Meakusma Festival. When he gets behind the buttons and/or decks, it's to conjure up bare beatz and creepy atmospherix like an alienating demon. Different types of breaks are immersed in a bath of synthetic textures, while Apulati Bien creates twisted, intoxicating designs, pushing his electronica to an instinctive and dance-worthy dimension.