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VHOOR w/ Brikabrak


VHOOR w/ Brikabrak

dj set
24 JUN — 25 JUN 2022

Electronic bridges from baile funk to the rest of the musical universe.

17:00 rooftop bar open
22:00 Jiem
23:30 BONA LÉA
00:30 VHOOR 
01:30 Yooth

His unique blend of Brazilian rhythms and global club genres is already having a lasting impact on Brazilian (and global) electronic music. As a producer for rappers and other artists, VHOOR strings together collabs. His beats set gigantic venues on fire and build bridges to electronic scenes in the USA and Europe: in other words, he’s a global pacesetter. His solo work, on the other hand, reveals a talent for subtle composition and production. No wonder these albums regularly appear on the best-of lists of the Leftos and Gilles Petersons of this world. VHOOR's sets bring fire and subtlety together, invariably brimming with afro-latino influences and lots and lots of baile funk.