Out Loud
Alto Fuero


Alto Fuero


TH 09.06.2022 21:00

Dancing around the fire in a Spanish cave from the year 3000. With a flute.

17:00 rooftop bar open 
21:00 Alto Fuero 
22:00 Pelada
23:00 Apulati Bien dj-set (> 01:00)

Your Spanish holiday lover is coming from the cellars of Brasserie Atlas this summer. That's where Victoria Palacios and Loto Retina started, combining deliciously aggressive Spanish poetry with cute-arrogant recorder sounds and unregulated percussion full of twisted samples. Reggaeton? Folk circus? Lo-fi noise? Certainly the live act is irresistible to both heads and hearts, sounding like a semi-legal party in a cave from the year 3000. Bleep bleep señor.