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Shaka Shams [cancelled]


Shaka Shams [cancelled]


TH 16.06.2022 21:00 cancelled

HQ rap vocals on an eclectic island of grime, hip hop and about 27 more genres.

17:00 rooftop bar open
21:00 Shaka Shams 
22:00 Equiknoxx ft Gavsborg, Time Cow & Shanique Marie
23:00 ZoZ dj-set (> 01:00)

With South African roots, one foot in Belgium and the other in the UK, Shams Bedja has been crafting his own musical island under the name Shaka Shams since he was 14. His island is a puzzle of numerous inspirations: grime, reggae, house, hip hop, eighties rock, punk, noise hop and about 27 more genres. Flawlessly held together by his soaring voice, his visual universe is the fluorescent cherry on top of the layer cake. Earlier this year he was a winner on the Nieuwe Lichting and he has been dropping single after single at a steady pace ever since (we're about ready for that debut!). From around the corner to the rest of the world, come have a listen because this artist is gonna blow uppppp.