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BONA LÉA w/ Brikabrak


BONA LÉA w/ Brikabrak

dj set
FR 24.06.2022 23:30

Fierce and fiery.

17:00 rooftop bar open
22:00 Jiem
23:30 BONA LÉA
00:30 VHOOR 
01:30 Yooth

Brussels-Cameroonian powerhouse Bona Lea is a resident at Kiosk Radio and organizes the Jabanè Sessions. Jabanè means sharing and comes from Duàlà, one of Cameroon's many languages. Behind the decks she is known for her eclectic selections and fiery sets in which African rhythms and percussions play the leading role, mixed with broken beats and more electronic bass sounds.