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Out Loud
Echoes of Zoo


Echoes of Zoo


FR 03.06.2022 22:00

Worldly influences join through psychedelic jazz with a frayed punk edge.

17:00 rooftop bar open 
21:00 Vitja Pauwels 
22:00 Echoes of Zoo 
23:00 Susobrino (> 01:00) DJ-set

Nathan Daems (saxophone), Bart Vervaeck (electric guitar), Lieven Van Pée (electric bass) and Falk Schrauwen (drums) started playing together as Echoes of Zoo to "give animals a voice." Riiiight. Following a debut EP (First Provocations in 2019) they impressed with their eclectic sound at Brussels Jazz Festival, BRDCST and Amok Festival, among others. Their debut album Breakout from 2021 is now happily going on tour, sounding like an eagerly psychedelic blend of - you ready? - Balkan ornaments, Brazilian rhythms, Gipsy tone chargers, fuzzy guitars, Beninese grooves, Turkish makam, bass guitars, Sufi rhythms, evil riffs, Kurdish trance, Indian raga, Romanian drums, swinging riffs and Tallava with a touch of dub and drum'n'bass.