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Out Loud



dj set
SU 26.06.2022 01:00

Just a little bit off the top.

17:00 rooftop bar + beurscafé open
20:30 BadLilBitty (beurscafé)
21:00 Joliiah dj-set (beurscafé)
23:00 Shoko Igarashi (rooftop)
00:00 Vieze Meisje (rooftop)
1:00 Lengelhair dj-set (rooftop)
3:00 Marouchka dj-set (> 05:00) (rooftop)

Marthe Lengeler aka Lengelhair is not only the favorite hairdresser and hair artist of the Brussels creative scene, she is also a yummie selector & DJ. Every second Monday of the month you can hear her at work as a resident on Kiosk Radio. In her sets she is at home in many markets and genres, so there is only one way to find out which vibes she has in store for the Out Loud rooftop.