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Mikamayonnaise w/ Tell your friends


Mikamayonnaise w/ Tell your friends

dj set
SU 19.06.2022 01:30

When the bathwater feels too ambient, Mika adds some hardcore acid until it's just right.

17:00 rooftop bar open
20:00 ILLSYLL & Fatoosan DJ set
22:00 Food For Ya Soul
23:30 Alexander Nut
01:30 Mikamayonnaise DJ set (> 03:00)

After her debut at Poxcat in 2017, Mikamayonnaise has played at festivals like Dour and Horst before becoming a resident at Kiosk. In her mixes she combines soft and hard styles, ranging from ambient to acid. She sometimes draws inspiration from both random and specific themes such as "taking a bath".