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Out Loud
Vieze Meisje


Vieze Meisje


SU 26.06.2022 00:00

Brutally elegant poetry for derailed dance parties by your favorite fanboy & girl.

17:00 rooftop bar open
20:30 BadLilBitty (beurscafé)
21:00 Joliiah dj-set (beurscafé)
23:00 Shoko Igarashi
00:00 Vieze Meisje 
01:00 Lengelhair 
03:00 Marouchka (> 05:00) 

Vieze Meisje is a fangirl / fanboy collaboration between performer and singer Maya Mertens and musician Azertyklavierwerke. She writes quirky poetry that is simultaneously heartwarmingly honest, hilariously funny and sometimes brutally elegant. He composes acrobatic beats, loops and sounds for a deconstructed dance party that ends in complete sonorous chaos. Once you've heard and/or seen Dirty Girl, you're forever part of the Dirty Circle of life.

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