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Out Loud



dj set
SU 26.06.2022 03:00

Post punk gems, teenage melancholy and brutal industrial.

17:00 rooftop bar open
20:30 BadLilBitty (beurscafé)
21:00 Joliiah dj-set (beurscafé)
23:00 Shoko Igarashi
00:00 Vieze Meisje
01:00 Lengelhair dj-set
03:00 Marouchka dj-set (> 05:00) 

Marouchka loves nothing more than to find and share lost post punk, new wave and electro gems, mixed with some teenage melancholy and brutal industrial. In doing so, she always focuses on women and queer people, who historically have been given very little space in these musical genres. Her bi-monthly set on Kiosk Radio is always an eclectic journey of discovery where nothing is left to chance. The perfect act to both close Out Loud and open the rest of the summer.