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Nick Steur (NL) SPLIT!


Nick Steur (NL) SPLIT!

FR 18.01.2013 20:30
SA 19.01.2013 17:00

Steamy stones

Following the success of FREEZE! during the 2011 Bâtard Festival, Nick Steur is once again in Beursschouwburg with a brand-new performance in which he plays with water, earth, air and fire.

Nick Steur: The publicity photo has nothing to do with the performance itself. I simply found it worked well. SPLIT! Has nothing to do with the skills necessary to make your legs do the splits, and neither am I sponsored by the seriously undervalued (in my opinion) ice-cream … when a group of people wish to escape together, while they would stand a better chance of getting away as individuals, that’s also when someone is likely to shout SPLIT! … but that’s not what this performance is about either. In SPLIT! You’ll first of all hear me say something about the photo and the title … then I’ll tell you that the text in the brochure is exactly the same as the text you’ve just received … then, I’ll explain what I will certainly not be doing during the performance … then, I’ll balance some hot stones … then, I’ll write on the window … then, I’ll make a smart remark … then, I’ll pour water over the stones … then, that gives a nice effect … then, the light goes out and then there’s applause then I bow and then we’ll have something to drink and then, then this text will have fulfilled its function.

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Concept, technician, performance: Nick Steur
Co-production: Walpurgis

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