We Object Intimate conversations on how colonial legacies exist in our everyday lives
We Object — with Camilo Mejía Cortés & Cherish Menzo

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We Object — with Camilo Mejía Cortés & Cherish Menzo

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You’re invited to join Camilo Mejía Cortés, Cherish Menzo and their chosen objects for an intimate conversation about how colonialism exists in all of our everyday lives. 

A piece of food, a song that you hear on the radio, an item in your kitchen cupboard or the rug that lies across your living room floor, the legacy of colonialism is always there, sometimes in places you don’t expect.

In English

Recorded on 24.03.21


CHERISH MENZO (° 1988, The Netherlands) graduated in 2013 from The Urban Contemporary at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten  in Amsterdam. After graduating, she danced in various productions by different choreographers such as Eszter Salamon, Akram Khan, Leo Lerus, Hanzel Nezza, Benjamin Kahn, Olivier Dubois, Ula Sickle, Lisbeth Gruwez, Jan Martens and Nicole Beutler. The last 5 years she has been creating her own work. She is mainly interested in the transformation of the body on stage and in the “embodiment” of different physical images. Images that seem recognizable at first glance, but subsequently highlighting the complexity and contradiction questioning the apparent norm.

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A collaboration between DE//COLONIZE Leuven (a group of Masters students of Cultural Studies of the KU Leuven), Commissie Cultuur KU Leuven, DeBuren, Black History Month, Black Achievement Month and Beursschouwburg