Habits Closing Night ⁠— DREAM & IMAGINE

Habits Closing Night ⁠— DREAM & IMAGINE

film music nightlife
SA 25.06.2022 17:00

A banging closing night to make all habits & pieces collide.

ONGOING (17:00 - 22:00)

a check-in with free drinks (> 19:00)
a habits breaking soundscape by Judith Ameel (staircase)
a dreamy playlist by Lengelhair (street, entry)
an (un)familiar poster by Atelier Brenda & Amélie Bakker 
a looped screening Onyeka Igwe (golden space)
a looped screening Minia Biabiany (black box)
a reading room The Diasporic Library (expo space)
a VR experience On Tracks by Nice Arts (foyer)

and the rooftop bar is open!

MUSIC (20:30 - 5:00)

20:30 concert BadLilBitty (beurscafé)
21:00 dj-set Joliiah (beurscafé)
23:00 concert Shoko Igarashi (rooftop)
00:00 concert Vieze Meisje (rooftop)
1:00 dj-set Lengelhair (rooftop)
3:00 dj-set Marouchka (rooftop)


20:00 Uncork your chakras with Marita
Break a habit with this seated yoga session during rooftop drinks. (20min) #corkscrewstretch #yogaperol