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MOSS & DJ Allan Wilson (!!!)


MOSS & DJ Allan Wilson (!!!)

album release
FR 01.06.2012 22:00

Album Release Ornaments of the Amsterdam band Moss! Free!

Ornaments, the third album of the Amsterdam band Moss received raving reviews in Germany, France, and homeland Netherlands, and will be released in Belgium on the 4th of June!

Ornaments is the successor of Never Be Scared/Don't Be a Hero in which Moss made a great leap forward: five-star reviews, acclaimed live shows and hit singles like I Apologise (Dear Simon). In the EAR-annual list of 2009 Never Be Scared/Don't Be a Hero ended up as the best album of the Netherlands and in 2012 Moss received the ‘3VOOR12’ Award, a prize granted by the Dutch public broadcasting TV station VPRO. For the recordings of Ornaments Moss travelled to Vlieland (the Sahara of the north). There, far away from everything, the band completed their unique sound: rhythmic, melodic and refined.

Afterwards, DJ Allan Wilson from !!! (Chk Chk Chk, Warp Records)