Out Loud! 2016
ADOMAS // UCTURE + Antilux + Sorök + Nosedrip


ADOMAS // UCTURE + Antilux + Sorök + Nosedrip

FR 10.06.2016 22:00

During Out Loud! ADOMAS and UCTURE act as curators and showcase some musical projects which they admire. They join forces with visual artists Marcello Mardones (visuals), Deborah Robbiano (graphics) and Julien Dubourg (scenography). They are bound to bring you in sacred cult atmospheres and even have a small surprise for you at this ecclesiastical event … You won’t be going home empty-handed (but with a whole bunch of psalms)!


dark, electronic cabaret

ADOMAS // UCTURE (they were live as support of Mykki Blanco) is a duo operating from Brussels who blend melancholic electronics with cabaret. Adomas is singer songwriter and Ucture producer. Their atmospheric soundscapes are accompanied by visionary videos.

Antilux (BE)

It is rumoured that Antilux met during a nightly encounter in the woods … In 2010, the two from Brussels found each other among the trees, both with their faces hidden behind masks, one humming and the other strumming weird chords on his guitar.

Since this particular night in the woods, they have been making music together. In March 2012, the pair released their first album Sleeping Below the Cloud on the BOYA Entertainment label. This album is a cinematic journey in which the power of a bleak post-dub step meets the atmospheric mood of a dreamy guitar, supported by redeeming singing … Close your eyes and the trees are right there!

Sorök (US)


Adomas // Ucture invite Sorök. Apart from a great DJ, this lady is also the founder of New York’s community Moments x Memories, an organisation that creates audiovisual events. Or as they say: painting sonic poetry with beats and melodies! soundcloud.com/momentsxmemories

Nosedrip (BE)


Nosedrip, who is no stranger to Beursschouwburg, has managed to get people on the dance floor many times, at 22Tracks, a party with Nosejob or during Out Loud to name but a few. Nosedrip is also responsible for the pleasant online radio station stroom.tv. In his own words “the woman who won’t answer your love but is worth it all”.

As a DJ, Nosedrip is often described as “a visionary mix of future dubstep, left side hip-hop, broken house and warm retro electronics with a Duyster feel”. He prefers to refer to it as an eclectic mix of good music. Come on, on your feet!

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