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Out Loud! 2016
Dream Koala + DC Salas


Dream Koala + DC Salas

SA 25.06.2016 22:00

Dream Koala (FR)


Yndi Ferreira, the 19-year old French sound artist behind Dream Koala is the one to watch! His music is being widely picked up and the streams on Spotify run into the millions. Those plays do not only come from France, but from all corners of the world!

Behind a curtain of dreads, his voice emits a haunting falsetto that describes the fate of our planet. He combines his singing with electronics, samples and traditional instrumental elements. The upshot is an ethereal sound that appeals to the most fabulous realms of our imagination. It’s Saturday night, and you think you’re in dreamland, accompanied by an epic soundscape…

DC Salas (BE)

dj set

Dream Koala (FR) dreampop

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