Out Loud! 2016
Preoccupations (formerly known as Viet Cong) + El Yunque + DJ Sofa


Preoccupations (formerly known as Viet Cong) + El Yunque + DJ Sofa

SA 18.06.2016 22:00

The band formerly known as Viet Cong have announced their new name: moving forward, they will be known as Preoccupations.

Preoccupations (CA)

garage pop, indie rock

The name Preoccupations probably doesn’t ring a bell, while Viet Cong may sound familiar. The band formerly known as Viet Cong has had a name change and will from now on trade under the name Preoccupations.

They are currently working hard on their new album. It remains to be seen whether, like their name, their sound has slightly changed. Why don’t you come and judge for yourself? They said they will play their new songs!

El Yunque (BE)


El Yunque is a dark post/noise-rock band from Hasselt. They’re influenced by just about anything, from Swans to Lightning Bolt and dEUS and yet, they don’t sound anything like them. They played their first 'real' show at the end of 2013 and in March 2014, they released their first album which they produced themselves. A must for anyone who can cope with a heavy dose of structured chaos and noise!

This debut album kicks off in a delicious fashion with intoxicating, dissonant guitars, industrial beats, screams and voices from dark places. [...] And go check out El Yunque straight away! The band deserves your consideration! - (RifRaf)

DJ Sofa (BE)