Out Loud! 2016
White Hills + Psychic Ills + NiXiE


White Hills + Psychic Ills + NiXiE

concert dj set
FR 17.06.2016 22:00

White Hills (US)

psychedelic trance

The American trio White Hills unleash their intoxicating and bulky psych-rock/ space rock/stoner psychedelia, including additive bass, screaming guitars and sneering drums. Guitar-devouring Dave W., bass player Ego Sensation and drummer Lee Hinshaw will treat you to a real space trip. Expect a hypnotic, psychedelic, cosmic journey, hallucinating – a bit like an LSD overdose without using any of the stuff. Fans of Hawkwind, the old Monster Magnet, Black Mountain, Burning Brides and Warlocks will have the time of their lives.

Live, White Hills is an intense experience, an impressive tour de force, a wild trip to Mars, a sensational rollercoaster through space.

Psychic Ills (US)

psychedelic rock

Psychic Ills is an experimental, psychedelic rock band from New York who have been around since 2003. The group consists of Tom Gluibizzi (guitar/keyboard), Tres Warren (vocals), Elizabeth Hart (bass) and Brian Tamborello (drums). This quartet brings a smooth blend of dark psychedelia, Eastern flavoured raga, as well as electronic and improvised space rock. You will leave feeling hypnotised!

Listening to Psychic Ills feels like being slowly crushed by a giant safe that is full of smoky riffs instead of money. - Fader



Karolien Polenus, a.k.a. NiXiE, is a creative do-it-all. She is DJ, visual artist and music promotor, based in Brussels. She has been active as DJ on the Belgian underground scene for years. Under the name of NiXiE, she organises legendary concerts and infamous parties. Enjoy your wild life.