Out Loud! 2016
Lafawndah + Zora Jones + SKY H1 + Liyo


Lafawndah + Zora Jones + SKY H1 + Liyo

SA 11.06.2016 22:00

Lafawndah (FR)

electronic pop, club music

Singer/producer Yasmine Dubois hasn’t been around for long as Lafawndah, but already, she’s making her mark with her futuristic interpretation of electronic music.

After giving up her day job as gallerist-curator in Mexico City (where she also played the drums in an all-female band Nidada and New York), the half-Iranian, half-Egyptian musician moved to Paris to concentrate on her “ritual club music”, influenced by Nina Simone, Grace Jones, Missy Elliot, Kate Bush, traditional Middle Eastern singers and dancehall queens.

This globetrotter now lives in New York and is expanding her oeuvre of uplifting Caribbean and esoteric, industrial rhythms, combined with sensual aggression, flamboyant charisma, a fiery voice and nomadic vibes. Bang on trend!


club music

From Barcelona, this Austrian gem – also known as Miss Sinjin Hawke – is conquering the world. It is almost impossible to pigeon-hole her musically. She produces a sophisticated mix of future bass juke and Jersey club sounds. Call it a kind of Spacy Trip Hop Trance Bass Music. Very restrained at times, while wildly animated at other times. Close your eyes and imagine yourself flying through space, accompanied by a generous helping of helium.



The Brussels SKY H1 has just released her album Fluid on the prestigious Berlin label Creamcake. You can classify her work under the D of disorientating, sugar-sweet electronics.

SKY H1 is easily one of the most interesting musical projects of 2016. She effortlessly fits in with the best Belgium has to offer today in terms of fascinating electronics.

Her songs are described as ‘dreamy synths and subtle melodies, interspersed with stark, brutal percussion and voice samples’ or ‘the sounds which the city exudes, a crystal breath floating in the air’.

Lyio (BE)

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