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Cameron Crowe Pearl Jam Twenty


Cameron Crowe Pearl Jam Twenty

film screening
TH 09.06.2016 22:30

“Son, she said, have I got a little story for you…“: a celebration of two decades of the Seattle based band that helped define the 90’s.

There is no better director than former music journalist Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous) to outline the definitive portrait of Pearl Jam. After all, he already placed band members Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament in the spotlight with their tribute to grunge in the film Singles from 1992. Crowe charts the evolution of the band from Seattle, spanning two decades, in a vivid manner, based on more than 1,200 hours of rare and never-before-seen footage, recent interviews and live recordings.

This documentary charts their early days as Mother Love Bone and the tragic death of their lead singer Andy Wood, the breakthrough with the Ten album and their rivalry with Nirvana, right through to their ongoing battle with the music industry and the trial involving Ticketmaster. It is the band’s willingness to face their past in complete honesty that renders this film an absolute must to watch. That and Pearl Jam's incredible live reputation, documented in a series of majestic concert recordings.

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US, 2011

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