NiXiE'S: Elko B. + King Dick


NiXiE'S: Elko B. + King Dick

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SA 10.06.2017 22:00

Out Loud without Nixie’s is like a roof terrace without a picnic!

We invite Nixie’s Lady Karolien Polenus to lead her very favourite fans to the highest regions of the Beursschouwburg. This is madness as it should be: colourful, psychedelic, trashy and ingenious. Summer is here for real!

☞ Elko B. (BE)

Guitar virtuoso

Anyone who does not know Elko B. has been living on a planet without music. Elko Blijweert is widely known for his virtuoso and idiosyncratic guitar playing, and has been part of the Belgian music scene for some 15 years. Nonetheless, he has recently released his first solo album, entitled I Bambini Di Basilisco.

Those hoping to see Elko B. as a solo act can expect an amalgam of Western pastiches, synthesizer sounds and cheerful, child-friendly melodies. Dive into the mind of this through-and-through musician and capture a unique glimpse of his fascinating imagination.

☞ King Dick (BE)

lofi-pyschpop, gothic folk & oompah trashpop

In real life, King Dick is known as Wim De Busser (whom you might know from Zita Swoon, Helmut Lotti, The Baboons, The Colorist, Abattoir Fermé, Stef Kamil Carlens, Wim De Busser kwartet or others. This multi-instrumentalist brings us a solo project that is a mixture of lofi-pyschpop, gothic folk and oompah trashpop, or in other words, a sound that is hard to define. However that may be, a widely varied King Dick wants to take on everything in his own unique way, bringing change to the world. Is there a revolution on its way?

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☞ The Wild (BE)


The Wild has been out there! He makes radio (for BRUZZ, among others), has curated hundreds of concerts and parties, organized the first Belgian Boiler Room (in 2014, with Lefto, Tangram Labelnight + STUFF) and is a guest DJ everywhere and then some. It is simple: The Wild is everyone's favourite DJ in town!

☞ Nixie (BE)


Yours truly plays fantastic records, for your ears alone. A wild night…