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Oyster Node + Beatsforbeaches + SupAfly Collective


Oyster Node + Beatsforbeaches + SupAfly Collective

FR 23.06.2017 22:00

Space out on the cosmic R&B by Brussels' own Oyster Node.

☞ Oyster node (BE)

After studying jazz at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, Julie, Pierre and Samy decided to transcend all musical genres and create a brand new style. The result, in their own words, is a cosmic R&B. At Out Loud, we are happy to join them. Tip your hats and put on the spacesuits.

With six members, the Brussels-based Oyster Node mixes the melodic flow of R&B with the harmony of jazz and the groove of hip-hop, speckled with hints of electro here and there. The whole is bathed in a jazzy vibe. Their secret weapon? It's the astonishing voice of Julie Rens. It'll knock you over, so happy landing!

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☞ Beatsforbeaches feat. Léon & Dhazed (BE)

Baptist Bosmans, otherwise known as Beatsforbeaches, a.k.a. B4B, is a Brussels-based producer and DJ. When he was around 16, he began experimenting with electronic music, in the early years under the name of Mezzdub, later as a member of 54kolaktiv, and then as the guiding light of the We Bring You parties (together with Borealis).

It's hard to believe that it was less than a year ago when Beatsforbeaches first came out with his own productions! My Purple Town' (a beat tape with 11 tracks) is a wink of the eye to his hometown of Anderlecht. The album goes from electronic wavy beats to sometimes raw-sounding, trappy bass lines. Support from Faisal, Chase, The Word Magazine, Champion Sound, 22tracks and others quickly followed. In May of 2017, B4B released his second EP, Haras, on which he explores the ambient vibes.

For his live shows, Beatsforbeaches is accompanied by LEON & Dhazed. Not to be missed! A soul singer, ragga MC and a top-of-the-lot Brussels button-pusher give you the night of your life.

☞ SupAfly Collective (BE)