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SA 01.07.2017 19:00

An already memorable final evening to top off a wonderful season. Beursschouwburg provides a festive start to your summer.

Rooftopterrace & Zilveren Zaal

19:00 Rhythm Mind + Aroh (BE) dj-set
22:00 JTOTHEC (BE) + TITLE (BE) live
00:00 Kong&Gratts (BE) dj-set


☞ 21:00 Goat (JA) + La Jungle (BE) live

☞ Rhythm Mind (BE)

A dissident from Leefdaal, hiding in Brussels, where he uses his equipment to conjure up the most phenomenal sounds.

☞ Aroh (BE)

Aroh wanders through the streets of Brussels, collecting some amazing records as he goes. Come and listen to his discoveries!


The West Flemish group JtotheC started out with just a microkorg, a simple drum kit, a microphone, a turntable and a funky mind. The result has already taken many shapes! Albums, shows and more albums and shows. From West Flanders to Brussels - not an easy journey!


Producer, DJ and musician Toon Janssens from Antwerp is better known under his alter ego TITLE. His music can best be described as a mix of heavy beats and funky electronics. His unique production techniques and creative approach of electronic music already earned him pats on the back of such leading DJs and producers as Lefto, Soulection, Kutmah, Paul White, Ryan Hemsworth and recently also Gaslamp Killer.

☞ Kong&Gratts (BE)

If you have never heard of Kong & Gratts, you must have been living under a rock the past couple of years. This duo has been a permanent fixture of the Belgian underground scene since time began. Together, they DJ in Playground on Belgian radio station Studio Brussel, run record label Ensemble and organise club nights in Brussels. In other words, busy house men made in Belgium.

☞ Goat (JA)

Is it your ambition to make music? Then it would be very discouraging to go and watch Japanese band Goat prior to your musical career. Because you’ll soon find out that regardless of what you do, there will always be an Asian who’s better than you! You just have to listen to these gentlemen from Osaka for two minutes and your jaw will drop. Goat makes a kind of ambient or electro jungle. It’s very fast in any case. The pace these Japanese men play at will make your European pop ears run wild. This quartet, consisting of two guitar players, an alto saxophonist and a drummer, will take you on a musical journey of pleasure.

☞ La Jungle (BE)

La Jungle is a duo with six strings and four drums. La Can, La Swans or La Sonic Youth fans must head to Beursschouwburg on the 1st of July. Armed with a guitar. a drum kit, a loop station and synths, La Jungle hit you with instrumental song after instrumental song. Their music is a mix between math rock, trance, noise, krautrock and even rhythms that wouldn’t sound out of place in techno music. Their energetic tunes thump and race. Your ear drums will be rumbling…