NOTS + Los Pirañas + Rebel Up!


NOTS + Los Pirañas + Rebel Up!

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FR 09.06.2017 22:00

This promises to be a hot Out Loud night of bodies in motion.


All-female garage punk

NOTS is an all-female garage punk band from Memphis. They create a poisonous and noisy mix of reverberating guitars, rockhard drums, synthesizers and group song. Their debut album, We Are Nots (released in 2014) won a seriously laudable 7.8 on Pitchfork, as did its successor, Cosmetic (released in 2016). On stage, they are militant and ready, bursting with energy. Break it all up!

NOTS is comprised of Natalie Hoffmann (vocals/guitar), Charlotte Watson (drums), Alexandra Eastburn (keyboards) and Meredith Lones (bass). Their music sounds as if they are walking through a maze of mirrors with hammers in their hands. NOTS embodies the sound of breaking mirrors: Let’s smash some more!

[facebook](https://www.facebook.com/memphisnots )

☞ Los Pirañas (CO)

Tropical noise & psychedelica

'A lysergic encounter among Andres Landero´s dark cumbia, Konono´s distored trance, Ceramic Dog´s sophisticated rawness, tropical afrobeat and an out-of-control computer." So says the Facebook page of Colombia's Los Pirañas. The music of this Colombian trio is just as tropical as their name would have you think. In their own country, the three musicians of Los Pirañas are key figures in the national experimental music scene, with, among others, guitarist Eblis Álvarez (of Meridian Brothers fame, a guest at Out Loud in previous years). They themselves describe their music as 'tropical noise', in which they mix Afrobeat, dub, rock, salsa, champeta, merengue, cumbia and other traditional Caribbean genres with surreal electronic sounds, psychedelic bass rhythms and surprising changes in tempo: sometimes as black as night and tauntingly slow, and then hilarious and out-of-control. This trio sets the tone for South America's psychedelic sound of the 21st century. What better than to start off an overheated 10th edition of Out Loud with these steamy three.


☞ Rebel Up! (BE)


The infamous Rebel Up! parties are no stranger to the Beursschouwburg. For ten years, this Brussels collective has been spreading their festive sound with its global beat. From the very freshest and bounciest global tunes to ethnic, electronic bass and digital folklore: it's all there in their tapes, remixes and their monthly radio show. Rebel Up! are the known experts on urban folk and electronic world music. Select global; play local!