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BÂTARD FESTIVAL Into the pores of the brains
Augustas Serapinas Jõusaal


Augustas Serapinas Jõusaal

interactive expo intervention installation
31 OCT — 4 NOV 2017
Every day of the festival between 18h30-19h, 20h-20h30 and 21h30-22h.

Jõusaal (gym) restages a work Serapinas initially conceived in residence at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, Estonia. 

During this time, the artist came across a number of abandoned sculptures, relinquished and left behind by Fine Arts students. Reflecting on the Academy’s isolation from its surrounding environment - which included athletic training sites used in preparation for the 2012 Olympics - Serapinas revitalized the discarded works by constructing a gym within the Academy’s parameters. Now, Serapinas’ gym is once again brought to life. You are invited to make use of Jõusaal as you would your regular gyms. All equipment utilized here has been recreated from memory and interrogates the possibility of applying novel functions to the notion of the artwork previously made redundant.