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BÂTARD FESTIVAL Into the pores of the brains
Oneka von Schrader SHE


Oneka von Schrader SHE

performance dance
WE 01.11.2017 19:00 - 20:00 premiere
WE 01.11.2017 22:00 - 23:00 BE premiere

SHE  is a performance by the Austrian choreographer Oneka von Schrader. Her work explores the dunes between the land and sea of holy and practical, while researching movement as a means to stretch away from representation and fixed positions in a wish for swimming with the flux. Only to interrupt it. A little. Just kidding.

SHE is a solo performance exploring multiple - female - manifestations of spirituality. SHE is a down to earth, but celestial dialogue; a research in close collaboration with spiritual books, Youtube and dark spaces. SHE is an introduction into [DIY-urban shamanism], a concert of [the holy spirits], a dialogue with the audience’s inner spiders and possibly a [healing chant]. 

SHE challenges ideas of authorship, always assuming SHE-ness, channeling feminist voices from the past, present and future. SHE is residing in the wooden shrine, the sound of the bag-pipe, your personal headache, always more than what is immediately visible to the eye. We are SHE, and you are SHE, and SHE is inheriting the HE, and the phallus is female, a soft, soft snake. We watch with eyes of g major melodies.

And we dance together even from far away.