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Micha´s Amateur Theater Group (for professionals) Part III: Circus Maximus


Micha´s Amateur Theater Group (for professionals) Part III: Circus Maximus

circus initiation performance
TH 02.11.2017 23:00 - 23:40 Part III

In Circus Maximus Micha´s Amateur Theater Group tries to find out what Circus is. 

What kind of ingredients do you need to create a Circus performance? Is there Circus in the meeting of a group of quite unprepared performers, with very different backgrounds, not really knowing each other, and not having a clue about Circus?

Can the vulnerability in the act of balancing between them actually be Circus? You may not call it Circus. Micha´s Amateur Theater Group calls it Circus Maximus.

Micha´s Amateur Theater Group (for professionals) started July 2016. Since then professionals from the fields of arts in Brussels have been meeting each other in the time concept of amateurs – 1.5 hours a week, for two months. A strong but always changing net of people have interacted under one golden rule: engage with pleasure! 

with: Charlie Usher, Sophia Rodriguez, Éléonore Saintagnan + more tbc

Circus Maximus would not be possible to do without the contribution from: Sara Sanchez, Karin Verbruggen, Esta Matković, Aline Comignaghi, Rose Chy Cata, Miroljuba Ivelin Petrova, Riko Hinata, Miguel Do Vale, Juliane von Crailsheim, Erik Nevin, Matteo De Blasio. 

big thanks to: Louis Vanhaverbeke for his various soundmachines.

thanks to: Volksroom