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Micha´s Amateur Theater Group (for professionals) Part I: RapChoir

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Micha´s Amateur Theater Group (for professionals) Part I: RapChoir

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TU 31.10.2017 23:00 - 23:40 Part I

The first RapChoir took place at the beginning of the year 2017. Micha Goldberg and his Choir created and performed a couple of songs, now called the ‘classics’. 

This set is referred to as the ‘Buffering’: the moment a video is loading on the internet. It’s a moment where you probably complain about the slowness off your Wi-Fi-apparatus or where you let your thoughts travel. Sometimes those thoughts correspond to the news picture of today, sometimes they are close-up studies of a branch from a tree and sometimes they are pleas for a strong relationship.

During the autumn, the choir gathered every Sunday sharing texts and croissants with fig jam. Now they’re ready to share new songs and old classics. It will be A Capella and it will be raw.

Micha´s Amateur Theater Group (for professionals) started July 2016. Since then professionals from the fields of arts in Brussels have been meeting each other in the time concept of amateurs – 1.5 hours a week, for two months. A strong but always changing net of people have interacted under one golden rule: engage with pleasure! 

With: Hektor Mamet, Leen De Graeve, Sophia Rodriguez, Thomas Proksch, Cédric Coomans, Micha Goldberg, Guus Diepenmaat, Paul Govaerts, Matteo Di Blasio and Erik Nevin.