Margarita Maximova You're on your own - and all over the place
10 OCT — 21 DEC 2018
WE - SA 12:00 - 18:00

First solo-expo of the Belgian-Russian artist Margarita Maximova (b. 1990, Moscow) in a brand-new space! 

With her first solo exhibition, Margarita Maximova (b.1990, Moscow) reveals a flood of expressions of emotions circulating around the Internet, which are taking on an ever more important function.

We subject ourselves to psychological clickbait tests, consult search engines to get answers to our most personal questions and send out emotional messages without considering their physical impact. For every possible emotional issue, dozens of answers can be found online. Vague descriptions of physical problems seem to apply to us all, and if they don't, we appropriate them anyway. What experiences are left that are all our own?

This Belgian-Russian artist digs through a multiplicity of diagnoses, words and definitions. She analyzes psychological and emotional concepts and investigates how the difference between the personal and the public becomes blurred and constantly needs to be redefined.

Margarita earned her Master in Fine Art at Sint-Lucas in Ghent in 2013 and has since exhibited at S.M.A.K., 019 and the Dr. Guislain Museum in Ghent, at Super Dakota in Brussels and with the Bâtard Festival. With her first solo exhibition she’s launching the brand-new exhibition space at Beursschouwburg.