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Out Loud! 2014



SA 28.06.2014 22:00

Out Loud!

In just the same way as the Alpage Records label is taking care of the programming for one complete evening, we’re inviting Nixie’s lady Karolien Polenus to bring her favourite supporters to the rarefied regions of the Beursschouwburg.

24-Carat Crazy: colourful, bizarre and clever! We’re closing Out Loud! in style.

Vision Fortune

Cuatroquesos. They first met at school in Menen and revived their friendship 7 years later in London. Since then they’ve been meeting each week to create music and polish their dark, ripping, repetitive sound. This trio delivers dark, thumping punk and last year they released their debut LP, Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune (Faux Discx/ Gringo Records label). Their combination of heavy riffs, drawn-out drones, ethereal vocals and cyclical drum patterns has helped them develop an intense live reputation. A stroboscope, smoke machine and compelling visuals provide the accompaniment to their often brutal attack on the ears.
This appearance in the Beursschouwburg is the last chance to see Vision Fortune performing with Andres Cuatroquesos. On the subject of Andres’ departure the brothers are rather cryptic: “There were two horses and one swimming pool. Alex bet Austin he couldn't teach them to swim... he couldn't.” If anyone can understand that - congratulations! In any event don’t miss this unique historic moment.


HAZY HAND$ (formerly Crappy Birthdays) is a psychedelic act which originated during the recordings of the Monster series (brain-child of dramatist Stef Lernous and The Hickey Underworld musician Jonas Govaerts) for the broadcasting channel Acht. This one-off appearance was the spark which ignited an inferno.

Founders Yorgos Tsakiridis (past winner of Humo’s Rock Rally with The Hickey Underworld) and Lotte Vanhamel (well-known for Vermin Twins and Tim Vanhemel’s sister) dance - together with a few indefinable creatures making music - in a hazy trip across the stage.

This year they made it right to the final of Humo’s Rock Rally.
“We face no competition in this world, this universe,” HAZY HAND$ announced beforehand in an on-line video message. “We’re the best band. Give us the money.” It turned out differently, in fact but here with us they’re getting a second chance!

Nixie’s exhibition

All of Cavewoman’s works together? Yes indeed!

Vision Fortune (GB/BE) - Experimental drone trio

Hazy Hands (BE) - Psychic showbizz act