Out Loud! 2014
Robbing Millions


Robbing Millions

FR 27.06.2014 22:00

Out Loud!

Spectacular things from young Brussels burghers!

Robbing Millions

Robbing Millions is one of the absolute revelations of the past year. This Brussels fivesome showed so much of their individual character in their first single Tenshinsan that we are already able to say, with a fair degree of certainty, that these boys can expect a bright future.Yeasayer and Local Natives together with some Brussels magic and - of course - that Secret Ingredient gives us a remarkable blend!

In January they released their first EP Ages And Sun, a candid and clever indie-pop record resulting from a feisty guitar and a few delirious riffs.

We’re teling you: those Millions, check ‘em out!

Apéro Concert (19:00): JACLE BOW


Robbing Millions (BE) - Indierock