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Sagat, Chrome Brulée & Black Cassette


Sagat, Chrome Brulée & Black Cassette

SA 07.06.2014 22:00

Out Loud!

Black Cassette

Fewer guitar riffs, more synth tunes!

Black Cassette is dropping by with a second album, Circo, appearing mid-April 2014. It takes you by surprise with new sounds: fewer guitar riffs, more synth tunes!

If you want to get in the mood, search for a forest cabin close to Tellin. That’s where the band recorded its second album, under the professional guidance of producer/moodmaker/sound wizard Micha Volders. The result sounds more colorful, more accessible and stranger than before. Black Cassette’s new songs hover to and fro between Devo, Prince and Neu!

And, there’s a new member in the group: so welcome Mr. Han Swolfs. The other band members remain the same: Jeroen Stevens, Pascal Deweze and Sjoer Bruil.

Chrome Brulée

“Yep, this is about to get as awesome as you think it is. Time for some Belgian bots banging beats.”

This Belgian synth collective delivers an ode to the glory days of the chrome cassettes. The musicians answer to such buzzing, intergalactic alter ego names as Robert Magnet, Ricky Sunset, Tonyu Johnson, Michael Shredlove, Alex Mayhem, Kid Supreme. Aximus and Club Cannibal.

Chrome Brulée takes its inspiration from a wide range of genres and collectives that have played an important part in the development of music and culture: Bauhaus, Fluxus, Klaus Schulze’s ‘Berlin School’ and Luigi Russolo’s Art of Noises; but also through the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop or the misunderstood Library Musiclabels and composers from the last century.

The 10-member company represents an entirely unique mix of vintage electro pop with visuals and brings together experienced pop musicians and artistes from other artistic disciplines.

“In a world where music has become irrelevant, in a time where quantity rises above quality… a new force rises from within… armed with magic machines from a bygone era ancient times… driven by pure passion and devotion… fueled by the craft and skills of their forefathers… they fight to make music free again… they rage until the spirits of old have their revenge… they go by the name… Chrome Brulée.” – Chrome Brulée Manifest


Just as the identity of Brussels is unclear - forever shifting and very much alive - so is the sonic world SAGAT conjures up.
SAGAT moves the listener into continuously unexpected syncopations and melodic elements that seem to tell the story of human flesh being fused with fibre optics. SAGAT doesn't score a soundtrack from his memories of Brussels, he makes the music on the hoof as he traverses the city on a daily basis. Few people can pin down the elusive mix between all the seemingly contradictory elements that make up the city, but SAGAT has caught this essence for long enough to present it to you, before it crumbles and reconfigures into his next productions.

SAGAT made his debut with Vlek (Cupp Cave, Ssaliva are among those who record on this label) which is additionally one of the very first techno releases produced by this Brussels label.

DJ SET: Soumaya aka Phéline


Black Cassette (BE) - technicolor sex grooves
Sagat (BE) - Slowburn pulsing techno
Chrome Brulée (BE) - Ode to the golden days of chrome cassettes http://thewordmagazine.com/music/barts-column-2/