Out Loud! 2014
How To Dress Well


How To Dress Well

SA 14.06.2014 22:00

Out Loud!
Modern R&B: melancholia and sensuality are the new bling bling and sexuality.

How To Dress Well is Tom Krell’s lo-fi, dreamy, one-man project: Krell, from Brooklyn, is not only a producer, songwriter and philosopher(!) but also an eighties R’n’B lover.

His debut Love Remains (2010) was a hit: to wit ‘best new music’ according to Pitchfork (8.7). Krell writes songs brimming with seemingly unintended noises: the ultimate soundtrack to accompany all your memories and dreams; his voice hovers between angelic sighs and dangerous falsettos. On his second LP Total Loss, our Doctor in Philosophy once again wins over the listener from the very first note. Nocturnal, soft as a cloud, airy ...the man wafts away the worthy critics of the greatest forecasters.

In other words: experimental pop which caresses the senses...