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Reptile Youth


Reptile Youth

SA 21.06.2014 22:00

Out Loud!

Reptile Youth (DK) just released their second album. 'Rivers that run for a sea that is gone' is the first recording in two years. Meanwhile the band has been on tour through Europe non-stop, playing over 150 shows in more than ten countries.

Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen and Esben Valløen started their musical career in 2009 under the name Reptile & Retard but soon renamed themselves Reptile Youth. They wouldn't feel comfortable being pigeonholed at any time, or how Mads puts it: “ We simply want to be more than 10 MP3s on your computer. That’s also why we changed the name to Reptile Youth back then. We would rather be considered a movement, a kind of frame within many things can happen.”

A movement, called Reptile Youth, spreading from Denmark into mainland Europe, it arrived in The Netherlands during the summer of 2013 where Reptile Youth played a show at Welcome to the Village. A show that resulted into a massive beach race into the ocean, when the band jumped offstage and were followed by a large portion of the crowd. The non-swimmers couldn’t believe what they were seeing and were left photographing the scene.

"Still, at its best, this deserves, even demands, to be heard. To be stolen or bought." - The Guardian

Kom se!
(Which, it seems, is Danish for: Come and see it!)