Out Loud! 2014
Phèdre & Meridian Brothers


Phèdre & Meridian Brothers

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FR 06.06.2014 22:00

Out Loud!


Countless bottles of bargain wine during a few late summer evenings. These same circumstances hark back to when Phèdre was born, in a Toronto attic.

Phèdre - the band founded by Daniel Lee and April Aliermo - is loosely inspired by Greek mythology (Phaedre, daughter to Minos and Pasiphaë) and Some Velvet Morning, the duet between Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood. Their songs balance on the rhythm of pulsating beats and melancholic synths with an alternating overlay of Daniel and April’s dancing voices. (And!....: Daniel Lee and April Aliermo also play with another Canadian group, Hooded Fang..)

When their debut album was released in early 2012, Phèdre were performing with Ariel Pink and also were backing to Omar Souleyman. In 2013 their second release swiftly followed: Golden Age; described by Stereogum as “gothy meld of avant-pop beats”.

And that means?
That you really can’t miss this avant-pop duo, right?

The group’s playfully dark, sweetly romantic, and often strangely affecting jams recall the warped AM avant-pop vibes of Ariel Pink, John Maus, Molly Nilsson, and the like, except these guys sound like they’re genuinely having a blast all the time, and it’s extremely infectious. – Gorilla vs. Bear

Meridian Brothers

A musical journey through a surrealistic world: Meridian Brothers play salsa but not the way you know salsa. “Latin music in space”.

Meridian Brothers hail from Colombia and were founded by Eblis Álvarez, one of Bogotà’s key figures on the experimental music scene.

They bring a mischievous mix of Latin-American rhythms and snatches of cumbia, salsa, psychedelic and electronic grooves to Europe, with a stopover in the Beursschouwburg!

We’re opening Out Loud! with the Colombian version of Felix Kubin! Without doubt, this will be one of the sultriest Fridays in June.

Rebel Up! 5Dj-set)

Phèdre (CA) - Broken love songs
Meridian Brothers (CO) - Balada independiente