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Tashweesh festival
Reading session with Dima Issa Daibes

Reading session with Dima Issa Daibes

SA 01.10.2022 16:00

Join a dream interpretation as a way to bypass different kinds of censorship. With Dima Issa from Lagrange Points, an Arab-identity Brussels cultural hub.

Listen to a feminist narrative of the Nakba and its experience.

"I chose to share with you three dreams that Najme Youssef had between 1950 and 1999. They were indexed by Sara abouGhazal, the author of “Ehlami ya sidi,” a deconstructed novel and what she calls a series of narratives that were published by Khan al Janub this year. In her book, Sara ends the parallel stories of the Abu Sukar family with an index of their Grandmothers’ dreams, where she tells her life story in snippets of stories entangled with dreams, where there is never a clear and cut line between reality and that is of a dream. Najmeh Yousef can open her front door in Shatila Camp in Beirut and see her village in Ain Ara from which she was expelled by force in 1948."

Dima Issa-Daibes is a Palestinian organizer at Lagrange Points. She can cross the borders and
visit her home in Palestine. Yet, this visit is never complete because of the collective
experience of being stranded as a nation, and where those absent like Najme aren’t there
yet, what does it mean to return to your home if there are no witnesses to it? From this
position, Dima Issa-Daibes and Lagrange collectively organize a place where exile becomes a
shared experience, a momentary yet ongoing creation of homeness and familiarity. In this
experience, home is not romanticized; it is the place we all long to be in, yet we recognize it
is where we run away from.